Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple is Hosting a Private Event for Selected iOS Developers Next Week?

According to a report from BusinessInsider indicating that Apple is hosting a private event for some selected iOS developers in California next week. It's still unclear who will be attending, how large the event will be, and what will be discussed.
Apple is hosting an event for iOS developers in California next week, we've heard from an industry source. The event begins next Tuesday, and runs for three days, we've heard.
The information is still few, but the rumors indicates that the conference will last for 3 days starting from next Tuesday. The original information came from an industry source (specially supplied by Apple). The report also suggests that they will help developers to improve the quality of iOS apps available in Apple's App Store. Whatever what will happen in this conference, it's made for improving iOS 4.2 in November and making it much better. So stay tuned as we will inform you about this surprise!
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