Thursday, October 28, 2010

Donations keep our Work and the Support for U Guy´s Alive !!


  1. I'll be glad to donate to support your hard work, when I see the unlock for the 02.10.04 is released.

    It's taking a long time for you guys to finish it. Oh Geo, I wish to see you working on this rather than see you on the game center all the time... jk ;)

  2. yeh im just online at gamecenter for reciever the request but never playing games no time ;) u know why ;)
    already 4 ppl work on the unlock coz to many crashed ,me,musclenerd,planetbeing,and sherif hashim (all from the iPhone-Dev Team)
    if we would relased it now u would not be happy believe me ;)

  3. Thanks for the reply. You're right about not releasing something that would continue to have issue with bugs and crashes.

    I just hope that you guys would finish this unlock quick as possible.

    Thanks always.

    I know this might be a weird question, but with all good intention I'd like to know how much do people donate at a time? I know it's base on voluntary support but to have an idea so that I won't give too little...

    Just want to know what is the average amount people donate because i would like to participate to give a support to you guys for the timeless work and efforts you've all put in to this.

    Please let me know


  4. almost 10 USD donation each , sometimes also 5 USD