Sunday, October 24, 2010

iSeeU Brings FaceTime Video Calls to iPhone 3GS

Yes, you read it right! Apple provided the iPhone 4 with front face camera to allow video calling with other devices. Also, there's an endless list of apps that allows you to make video calls with some features on iPhone 4, the apps are also compatible with iPhone 3GS but it's very silly to make video calls without front camera.

Guess what? You can make FaceTime-like video calls on iPhone 3GS with a simple accessory provided by Korean company PLAYMASS. The idea is simple, it's about mounting a mirror on your cell phone, and you’ll be able to convert your back camera to rear-facing camera.The accessory is available on the official site for $24.95, they will be shipping this accessory later this month. Will you get it and cancel the idea of updating to iPhone 4?

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