Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NO ONE can block installous [Shatter or GreenPois0n]

In case you are living under the water and don't know that Chornic Dev Team was thinking to block installous app in the upcoming jailbreak. In other words, they plan to fight piracy. We received a lot of questions today “Will really Chornic Dev Team block installous app?” “Won't we be able to use installous anymore?”. Here's the fact about what I think and what will happen!

Yesterday @chronicdevteam Just Tweeted that :
 Just to make something clear: If you just want the jailbreak to install cracked apps, unfollow now.

To be clear infront of you, NO ONE can block installous. You may wonder that Jay Freeman or MuscleNerd can edit Cydia to remove installous pacakge -- Ok, they can do that but the developer of installous would just rename the site or package. The question is why they would block installous?

Well, may be because it is considered illegal software and steal developer's money. The developer behind installous didn't develop it for full-blown piracy but for trialling the software only! Of course everyone uses the app for full-blown piracy and that's not fair.

At the end, I will not say much. I just hope people to give up from full-blown piracy. If you want to use installous, just use it to try the app not to own the app! I hope you share your ideas and view below in the comment section.


  1. Well Im not sure about everone else. But I usually do buy the apps after I have tried them. It's not like they cost much money. And when there is an update it's easier to deal with in the app store.

  2. So why don't you guys first delete the package.
    Then, just start to use the "Apple Way" , you neeed check rather it is appropriate to give people to download it...
    Even in Cydia, there is many source which is cracked Cydia apps, the "Cydia developers" can't earn any money from their apps.
    So I think you guys should try this way...