Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gevey SIM Will Unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 5

Following the news that RedSn0w will jailbreak iOS 5,
an unlock solution for the iPhone 4 on iOS 5 has also been uncovered. The Gevey SIM is a TurboSIM-like piggy back SIM card that will unlock iPhone 4 basebands.
On iOS 5, it appears that the Gevey SIM will still unlock the iPhone 4. Be warned: the Gevey SIM is technically illegal, so we do not recommend this method for unlocking the iPhone 4 on iOS 5.
A Redmond Pie reader sent in some screenshots of his iPhone 4 unlocked with the Gevey SIM,
As you can see, his baseband is 04.11.04. O, and did we mention that the Gevey SIM works without jailbreaking?
We have no confirmation of Gevey SIM baseband incompatibility on the iPhone 4 with iOS 5.
Who’s excited about unlocking the iPhone on iOS 5?

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