Monday, June 20, 2011

Chronic Dev Team Gives Update On iPad 2 Jailbreak Release

Many of us are anxiously waiting for the iPad 2 jailbreak release.
Up till now, there has been no legitimate iPad 2 jailbreak, and no definite release date has been given for the iPad 2 jailbreak. However, Joshua Hill of the Chronic Dev Team has once again given an update on the state of iPad 2 jailbreak.

Joshua Hill, a.k.a @p0sixninja earlier tweeted the following:
We're still diligently working on both the iPad2 jailbreak & lots of other exciting projects. Sorry, & thanks for your patience!
We don't know what exactly are the lots of other exciting projects that Joshua Hill has tweeted about, but what interests us is the fact that the Chronic Dev Team is working very hard on the iPad 2 jailbreak and will most probably release it in the very near future.

Previously, it has been confirmed that Greenpois0n is not going to jailbreak iPad 2, rather the Chronic Dev Team is going to make an entirely new program for jailbreaking the iPad 2. It is possible that development of this new program has caused some delays in the iPad 2 jailbreak release.
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