Friday, March 4, 2011

nitoTV 0.6.5-1 For Your Jailbroken Apple TV 2G Is Ready For Download [How To]

Just a little while @nitoTv has pushed a updated version of notoTV for your jailbroken Apple Tv 2G running iOS 4.2.1.
This update don’t not carry any few features. But, its more polished and few UI tweaks. For folks who are not aware if nitoTV, its the very first app for AppleTV 2G. It carries bunch of features like RSS & Weather App (Display Local Weather right on your home screen of Apple TV 2G). Along with nitoTV you can also install bunch of other apps like (Wifi Tweak, Overflow, Slide show, XBMC-ATV2, Main Menu Weather, Main Menu Slideshow, Screensaver Settings, Exposed, VNC Settings, BTStact and few more ).
If you haven’t Jailbroken your Apple TV 2G running iOS 4.2.1 – Here is how to jailbreak using GreenPois0n / Seas0nPass
How To Get This Update – (Simply Way) – From The Main Menus Got to nitoTV >> Settings >> Update nitoTV – That’s it !
In case, if that does not work for some odd reason, try manually. This requires your to install OpenSSH on your Apple TV 2G (nitoTV -> Install Software -> OpenSSH -> Install). Once you have follow the below instruction on how to update nitoTV manually.
Step 1: On your Apple TV 2G – Go to Settings -> General -> Network -> IP Address & note down the IP Address
Step 2: Now, Launch Terminal
Step 3: Type the following
ssh root@IP Address – the IP address that you have noted down in step 1
Step 4: Enter password – ‘alpine
Step 5: Now type the following
apt-get -u -y dist-upgrade
That’s it!
via [MacHackPc]

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