Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cydia 1.1 Today !!

Few days ago we talked about the features of Cydia 1.1 now we all are still waiting for the release of the new Cydia,
So The developers of Celeste announcing today via twitter that the Cydia will release today, Stated that day there will be another big issue in relation to "something that we use ALL of us" ... what could it be? Just stay tuned we will update you as if any update releases!

The developers have also confirmed that it is not the new version of iFile (which will require the libraries developed by Gremlin Cocoanuts) so the circle shrinks. Cydia will see the release of 1.1 in a few hours? we still waiting stay tuned as if it released we will update you !


  1. when is celeste releasing? it's 23rd man! i can't wait!

  2. Hmm So where is Cydia 1.1??

  3. update is now aviable!!