Friday, March 18, 2011

iPhone 5 specifications [News]

A source of Foxconn (the Chinese factory that produces the iPhone for years) reported that the iPhone 5 has already entered the production line in order to launch very soon,
this source also said that the iPhone 5 will be very similar in terms of design to the iPhone 4, Except for two very important differences : the materials used and the size of the screen.


This source says that The iPhone 5 has a shape very similar to the current model (iPhone 4) and even the dimensions are virtually identical. The only difference is the screen size, slightly larger (4 ") as a place right near the side edges, leaving no room for the frame, and the materials used in the iPhone 5 in fact was made of aluminum, just like the first old iPhone or with a very similar material (liquid metal).

when looking to the picture Above you can get an idea of ​​how this iPhone 5 could be, This news had already been given several times as a rumor, but the source not only confirms, but also says that the back is not curved as previously thought, but completely straight as the current model. 

The source was unable to take pictures of the iPhone 5, but has taken a picture of the new charging cable device, as you can see that the iPhone 4 is very similar in shape to the new iPhone with no much differ from now. 

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