Thursday, October 20, 2011

iOS 5: Most Likely IntelliScreenX is Best Jailbreak Tweak For iOS So Far [Video] !!

There are a lot of jailbreak tweaks & widgets for iOS 5
but we haven’t seen something like IntelliScreenX before.
The well known developers team behind MyWi and My3G has now came up with something which will  astonish you all: IntelliScreenX for iOS 5

IntelliScreenX for iOS 5: It is astonishing jailbreak tweaks & widgets

IntelliScreenX tweaks iOS 5 notification center to get a better & more amazing notification center.

IntelliScreenX  is not a jailbreak widget that can be added to your notification center. It’s a whole new notification center.

IntelliScreenX includes a lot of features and functions that it can do.

This brings your notification center into the lockscreen, yes, you will be able to launch iOS 5 notification center ahead from your lockscreen.

You can even read full emails, send and reply to tweets, and more.

It can do more, guys! Better watch this video in action:

A beta version of IntelliScreenX will be available at the end of this week and we may get a one for review.

Final version for public will be available next week so stay tuned!

IntelliScreenX is how Apple should have made iOS 5 notification center from the beginning.

That’s why we’ll always need to jailbreak our iOS devices. Who agrees with me?

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