Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Save and Reinstall A List of Your Cydia Apps [How to]

In case you upgraded your device to a newer version of iOS and want to keep your Cydia apps, themes, tweaks, package and etc from losing, here's a few simple steps to save your Cydia apps list and reinstall it again to your device.

Save your Cydia apps:
  • Open Mobile Terminal (you can get it from Cydia)
  • Enter this command:  "dpkg-get-selections> installed-apps.txt"
  • Now we have created the Cydia app list file which called "installed-apps.txt" in " / var / mobile "
  • You are done, use your favorite SFTP client (Cyberduck (Mac OS X) or WinSCP (Windows) to SHH into your device).

Reinstalling your Cydia apps again:
Now I will submit the file called "installed-apps.txt" to "/ var / mobile", after reinstalling Cydia and Terminal, type this commands:
  • "su"
  • Type your password (default password: alpine)
  • "dpkg-set-selections "
  • "apt-get dselect-upgrade"
  • If you found problems type this command: "apt-get dselect-fix-missing-upgrade"
  • Now Cydia will automatically reinstall all your packages.


  1. Welcome back Geo, It looks like you took a long vacation. Good to see you back working and serving others....

  2. hi man, what is the link for mobile terminal on cydia? from which source? i already checked it and no application with this name.
    another question, when we are reinstalling cydia apps in the 2nd step, you said: write these commands: "su" where should we write it??? on pc or iphone? where exactly?
    thank you