Thursday, November 18, 2010

Google Docs Finally Comes to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Google has just announced the release of a new documents editor for Google Docs, which will allow users to edit documents on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The previous mobile version of Google Docs allowed users to view documents in read-only mode.
So by offering Google Docs on the iDevice, Google will be able to compete with Apple’s popular iWorks suite of apps for the iPad and other third party apps such as Documents to Go and Quickoffice that have been offering this capability for quite sometime now.

Now, since Google Docs will be free, it could be on the top of these apps offering the same feature.
That means that...
  • You can work on that important memo...while on the bus or train to work.
  • If you’re behind on a group proposal, but really want to make it to the ball game tonight, your whole team can work on it from the bleacher seats.
  • You can take minute-by-minute notes at a concert so you’ll always remember the setlist. And your friends can jealously follow in real-time at home.
  • ...and the list goes on!
If you’re a Google Docs users, you can check it out by pointing your iDevice’s Safari browser (iOS 3.0 or later) to and selecting the document that you want to edit.

So, will you give up other apps and be one of Google Docs users? Or you prefer using Apple’s iWork suite of apps or one of the other third party apps?

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