Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Remove Cydia Ads to Speed Up Cydia !!

I think most of you are often suffering from Cydia ads, specially when the ads make it difficult to use the app without accidentally tapping on the ads. It makes sense to find ads on the free apps, but at  the same time and at the least I want to be able to do things such as read the app descriptions, see details and etc. Therefor I will show you - after the jump - a very simple way to get rid of Cydia ads.

STEP 1: FTP/SSH to your device.

STEP 2: Find this file /Applications/Cydia.app/package.js

STEP 3: Search for this, you may find it in line 209:

if (depiction == null)
Change it to:
if (depiction == null || true)
STEP 4: Now enjoy an ad free Cydia.

Here is the screen-shots before and after:
Of course if you want to see the ads again you simply have to reverse step 3.


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