Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tweetbot For Mac Released, Get It While Supplies Last!

Tweetbot is a full-featured Twitter app for the Mac based
on the award-winning apps for iPhone and iPad. With retina support, sync via iCloud, and multiple column views, Tweetbot is the premier Twitter app for the Mac.

A Full-Featured Twitter App

  • Block and Report Users for Spam

    Tweetbot makes reporting spam and blocking users a breeze. Just right-click on the spammer’s avatar, “report for spam”, and watch their tweet disappear with a sense of satisfaction.
  • Manage Lists

    Manage your lists right from the app. Create, edit, delete lists, and add/remove users from them as well.
  • Enable/Disable Retweets from Users

    Following someone who retweets too much? Disable their retweets from within the app.
  • View Local and Worldwide Trends

    Tweetbot supports local trends as well as the global one. See what’s popular around the world.
  • Edit your Profile and Avatar

    Update your profile right from Tweetbot. You can even change your avatar.
  • Packed with Features

    Tweetbot is packed with the features you’d expect…so many that we can’t list them all.

Your Timeline, Your Way

  • Single Window View

    Tweetbot features a streamlined and focused window. You can even remove sidebar navigation elements you don't use for an even cleaner look.
  • Multiple Windows

    Open any view into its own window. Monitor multiple timelines, mentions, search results and more from various accounts.
  • Column View

    For the multi-taskers who prefer to be more organized, attach multiple windows together to create a column view.

    Makes Twitter Better

    • Inline Media Preview Thumbnails

      Thumbnail previews show up next to tweets that link to images and other various media so you can see before you click.
    • Use Lists as Timelines

      Make good use of your lists. Curate your lists and use them as multiple timelines. Want a timeline consisting of your co-workers, friends, and/or family? Create a list for them!
    • Mute Users, Hashtags, Clients, & Keywords

      Are you too nice to unfollow someone who tweets too much? Just mute them. You can also mute hashtags for that conference you didn’t attend, clients, and even keywords.
    • Save Tweet Drafts

      Some tweets need time to be crafted to perfection. Save drafts for future publishing.

    Made for Mac

    • Retina Mac Support

      Have one of them fancy new Retina Macbook Pros? Don’t worry, Tweetbot for Mac will look gorgeous on it.
    • Notification Center

      Tweetbot loves Mountain Lion. Mentions, Direct Messages, and more can show up in Notification Center.
    • Syncs with iCloud

      Magically sync your timeline read location, direct message read status, and mute filters with Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad via iCloud. (10.8 Mountain Lion Required) 


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