Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today we introduce The HackStore to you!

This program for us is the epitome of Cydia for iOS, but on a Mac OS.
This means that in our app will be applications and tweaks for Mac OS, which is not in the Mac AppStore, or for any reason they have not posted there.
The biggest Mac Appstore problem is that they limit their users in everything, without giving an opportunity to expand these limits. This is not correct, because  ONLY users should decide which applications they should install and which one do not.
We think, HackStore, it is a break through the narrow confines of Mac Appstore. A lot of good applications should be created and promoted but if they will never come to AppStore they will be not popular at all, so we have created HackStore!
The motto of our application - «No piracy apps here, forever and ever», so no cracked and piracy apps here. This means that in our app will be applications and tweaks for Mac OS, which is not in the Mac AppStore, or for any reason they have not posted there.
The HackStore will be continually supplemented and update with the built-in upgrade, so all users can easily upgrade to the latest version of the application. Also in your app everyone can apload app in store without any account. We glad to see you here! Enjoy the Store!
Here is a couple ScreenShots of our Application:

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