Monday, September 12, 2011

Make the Apple Logo on the Back of Your iPhone 4 Glow with this Magical Mod

Apple’s MacBooks stand out in a crowd, thanks to their sleek design and bright Apple logo.
Apple designed the logo on its laptops to glow, but the iPhone has lacked such a feature. Until now.
iPatch has teased a mod for the iPhone 4 that turns the device’s rear Apple logo into a glowing work of art. Whenever the iPhone’s screen comes on, the Apple logo lights up. Now that’s magical.
Priced at £100 ($159), iPatch expects to offer this amazing mod for the iPhone 4 in less than a month. The modification process takes less than a hour, and iPatch modifies the iPhone 4′s back without making it thicker or bulkier.
We can’t wait for this mod to be available to the public. It’s cheap, and it’s awesome. Who wouldn’t want the iPhone’s Apple logo to glow like Apple’s other products? Hopefully it doesn’t take too much of a toll on the battery.
We’ll let you know when this mod goes live for customers. Let us know if you decide to have your iPhone 4 modded with this awesome kit!

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